Sunday, September 30, 2007


Some new things:
I have a radio show on WOBC called Space Jamz. It's at 3 am on Tuesday morning (late Monday night). Tune in on the inner-net and call me and we can broadcast our conversation over the airwaves/I'll be siked to know someone is actually listening.

I'm taking this class called 'creative resistance' with really awesome professor Julia Christensen. She's tight with the Yes Men and is getting them to come here in a few weeks to speak and eat dinner with us. Also, we're keeping a class blog/reblog that's worth checking out.

I crashed my bicycle and got a crazy concussion last week and I couldn't remember shit for about 3 days. I'm now going to have a gnarly scar above my left eye till i die.

The codeine they gave me makes me have intense awesome dreams.

Dan Deacon is coming here on the 4th (along with Health, Video Hippos, High Places). During the day he's giving a lecture about music composition, which I'm going to try to document.

No Age is playing here tonight! And homegirl Karen's band Hand Jobs is opening.

And YouTube is still just as fun as it ever was: