Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paper Rad @ MoMA

On Tuesday I went to the MoMA to check out Poprally's Summer Jam with Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel. P Rad's whole neo-psychedelic pop-nostalgic deal didn't feel too out of place in a space like the MoMA. What was kind of weird was seeing bands play there with kids flipping out and going crazy on the ground while simultaneously having chi-chi gallery types standing around on the second floor gazing upon the entire thing like it was performance aart. Despite this and some not-so-good acoustics it was still a fun time. Extreme Animals was amazing. It's was also cool to see the superstar creative-technologist Cory Arcangel in action doing his thing. (Yeah TIMARA heads! Whooot!!)

Dr Doo
Dr Doo performing, but not @ MoMA:

kids whil'n out during Extreme Animals:

Thanks to Melyssa and Sen in the City for the sweet pics

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whartscape 2007

Day 2:The first part of the day two took place in the corner of these two alleyways. It was a rad setting to see all of the following bands:

Dan Deacon's other project. They ripped.
Butt Stomach - Woof Garden live

Orion Rigel Dommisse
Lizz KingLizz King - til they do

Santa DadsI really enjoyed these guys.
Santa Dads - Lion Song

Future Islands
Blood BabyBlood Baby - Paint the Brush

Beach House
Beach House's set was amazing! There were parts that gave me the chills, 4 trills.
Beach House - Lovelier Girl
Beach House - Master of None
Beach House - Childhood

After all the daylight was gone it was back to Floristree space for another rapid fire line-up of amazing bands. Overwhelming? Very much so.

Video HipposVideo Hippos - Kool Shades

Double Dagger
Dirty ProjectorsI've seen this band 5 or 6 times in the past couple of months and each time I am more and more wowed by them. This night was no exception. Watch out, Dirty Projectors are about to take over the world, no joke.
Dirty Projectors - Imagine It
Dirty Projectors - Fucked for Life
Dirty Projectors - New New Attitude

PonytailCheck out Napolean Dynamite in this clip:

Ponytail>Deathset? Perhaps? I thought so atleast
Ponytail - Jammin' on a Major Scale

Dan Deacon
At this point my brain was on the verge of combustion from too much good music. What better an act to do the actual exploding than Dan Deacon? Srsly, his set was the perfect climax to the entire weekend.
By far the best clip:

Thanks to Natty Boh for getting me drunk and tasting delicious all weekend long:

Monday, July 23, 2007

Whartscape 2007

Day 1:
We blew out a tire and almost died on the way to Whartscape. It was a 3 Hour delay on the side of I-95 60 miles outside Baltimore after which we got to deal with some goofy/sketch drugged up mechanic dudes. Arrived in Baltimore around 11 or so, just in time to catch all the main headliners (sans Growing):

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Field @ Studio B 7/18/07

Went to see the Field play at Studio B on Wednesday. Axel Willner put on a really tight, albeit really short set. Maybe if the crowd had reacted more like this Swedish one he would have played longer:

His latest album on Kompakt, From Here We Go Sublime has been my get-siked jam of the past few months. Crisp techno precision but also very warm and human sounding. And super pop-happy steez. All this he manages to do with spare-ass tiny fragmented samples looping over and over again and it never sounds boring. It's a really easy formula to F up, but he pulls it off in spades.

The Field - Paw in My Face
The Field - The Little Heart Beats So Fast
The Field - Over the Ice

I'm leaving right this second for Baltimore to go to Whamcity's Whartscape festival. OMG!!! I will update with much audio/visual goodies once I get back.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Showpaper is a FREE bi-weekly print-only publication which aims to list and promote all ages DIY shows in the NYC and tri-state area. We hope to spread the word about shows that would otherwise slip under the radar. Each issue will also feature a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist. Look for it in your local record store/gallery/café.
Past artists include Brian Chippendale and Ben Jones from Paperrad.

I am distributing these throughout jerz, so if you want a copy hit me up, or I can tell you places where you can find them.

Also, if you know about any all ages show(s) coming up email the info to and we'll list that shit.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Citysol, Pete & Pete

So I went and checked out Citysol on Saturday. It's this solar-powered music and arts festival all about green power and clean energy put on by solar one. I was pumped for the solar-powered go-karts but apparently that was the next day. Les Savvy Fav put on a crowd pleaser of a performance. Was never super into them but I did enjoy their live antics.

While we were standing around who did we happen to see there but Danny Tamberelli, aka little pete. Him and his friend came up to us and introduced themselves I guess to tell us about this shitty jam band he's in. Also that they're playing on a boat, for $25, which at first seemed stife, but then I remembered, it's friggin Danny T! sike nah.

Anyway, the only reason I'm bringing any of this up is because it inspired me to give a little internet nod of respect to one of my favorite tv shows ever, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I feel like most people agree with me on this one so all I'll say is damn what an awesome show that was. Thank you Pete and Pete for helping me develop an appreciation for absurd nuanced humor at such a young age. (shot in my town, btw).

nice 'stooge' reference:

Full Episode Here

For the real nerds I uploaded this Polaris cd I got from my neighbor a while ago (they're the band in the opening credits). I starred all the tracks they released on their cereal box cassette back in the day. (I know because I have it). These are pretty good for some instant childhood reminiscing. Oh and check out the collage of found recordings with references to smoking pot at the end of the last track. I always knew those pete & pete heads were up on some chronic.

*Polaris - Hey Sandy
*Polaris - Staggering
Polaris - Waiting For October
*Polaris - Saturnine
Polaris - Everywhere
Polaris - Ivy Boy
*Polaris - Summerbaby
*Polaris - Coronado II
Polaris - Ashamed of the Story I Told
Polaris - As Usual
Polaris - Recently
Polaris - The Monster's Loose

Saturday, July 14, 2007

High Places @ Dead Herring 3/13/07

Went to a banger of a show at Dead Herring House on Friday. Really nice venue, very welcoming & friendly. About half as many people there than for Big A little a last month but still a decent amount. The line-up was as follows:

Video Hippos - Kool Shades
stylistically speaking:
Japanther + Dan Deacon + Paper Rad = Video Hippos.
Sooo gooooooood.

Surprise act of the night. These guys were so G. Thumping azz beats and noisey synth licks. Ethan Swans rhythmic body jerking and Brendan Fowler's controlled lanky moves made it all the more intriguing.

Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda - Animal Ghosts
Abe Vigoda - Secret City
These inland empire natives elicited the most enthusiastic crowd response, or maybe it was cuz their music was the most rock-out-able. Either way they managed to get everybody siked on some up-tempo rawk while still managing to sound really creative and unique. It was also their first (definitely not last) time in the city.

What can I say about High Places other than that you have to go fucking see them right now. Watch out animal collective. High Places has their own brand of groovy squishy organic textured sound on lock. And its danceable. AND the girl is damn beautiful.

After the show it was off to the Silent Barn for a late night sweaty dance party hosted by my pals theserockspop. Great job guys! That shit was bumpn! Here are some pics: