Sunday, January 20, 2008

Avey Tare & Kria Brekkin & Deakin, Rings

Sunday night I went to glasslands to see avey tare & kria brekken + deakin. With just dave portner singing along with two electric guitars and samplers, it sounded a lot more like animal collective than it did the quiet acoustic duo I saw play last year at Tonic(rip). Still a very enjoyable performance that made much use of the rhythmically-repetitive loopy vibe that ac has been digging lately. I wonder if this was just a one time thing or if they plan to continue doing stuff as a trio?

Headlining the show was 'Rings'. The first time I'd seen this band was when they came to my town last year to play a benefit show for my high school. They were called First Nation then, but have since changed their name. I think 'Rings' actually kind of works better..less potentially problematic and more fitting with their feminine sound. I'm digging their new stuff, especially 'is he handsome'. My camera died before they played but here are some tracks from their new paw tracks release, 'Black Habit':

Rings - 'Mom Dance'
Rings - 'Is he Handsome?'

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Mandy said...

my radio station got this album in a month ago, idk it hasn't been reviewed yet but i was pretty surprised when i saw it was the same ladies from jamnesty.