Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So this past month (January) has been pretty rad. I was living in Bushwick and working at Eyebeam gallery in Chelsea, which ended up being better experience than anything I could have expected. There are so many interesting people and projects happening out of that place and was really inspiring to be around. Definitely has made me want to learn more about the programming/techy side of computers; if not for making art projects at least just for a better understanding of what's going on behind this glowing screen I spend so much of my time staring at. There's a good chance I'll be working there again this summer too, so I'm siked about that.

Here are some random things left on my camera that are by no means comprehensive of the past month, but which I thought I'd share anyway:

via Eden:
I.U.D. @ Death by Audio 1/24/08

Eric Copeland @ Death by Audio 1/26/08

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