Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Growing is just getting prettier and prettier these days. Their upcoming Social Registry LP debut, 'Lateral' (Feb. 19th) presents four new pieces whose range of expression and dynamics is even more subtle and nuanced than their previous Vision Swim. On a whole it seems that Growing is working towards a more sparse, more withdrawn type of interplay, and in doing so is moving further away from the loud drones of 'Sky's Run into the See' or 'Soul of the Rainbow', and into a more rhythmic territory.

The album opens with the warm-feeling 'Swell', which sets a reflective and sober tone that's echoed throughout the rest of the album. The title track sounds more like an electronic piece, combining Nobukazu Takemura-esque CD skipping sounds and glacial sonic environments similar to the work of Axel Welner. Check it:

Growing - Swell
Growing - Lateral

Growing @ Death by Audio 1/24/08