Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breakfast in Heaven Remixed

I picked this 12" up a few weeks ago but haven't been able to listen to it until moving back in with my turntable a week or so ago.. since then I think I've been spinning side b of this pretty nonstop. Arp's 'Worn Cassette' remix of Lindstrøm's, 'Breakfast in Heaven' combines the krauty analogue synths of Arp's (Alexis Georgopoulos) debut LP 'In Light', with some of Lindstrøm's good old space thumping 4X4 beats. I dare you not to get amped on its bouncy bassline (check 1:20) and warm happy tones. Ripped from vinyl and upped, robinhood steez:

Lindstrøm - Breakfast in Heaven - Arp's Worn Cassette Version


Arp - St. Tropez

Lindstrøm - Breakfast in Heaven (original)


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