Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Field @ Studio B 7/18/07

Went to see the Field play at Studio B on Wednesday. Axel Willner put on a really tight, albeit really short set. Maybe if the crowd had reacted more like this Swedish one he would have played longer:

His latest album on Kompakt, From Here We Go Sublime has been my get-siked jam of the past few months. Crisp techno precision but also very warm and human sounding. And super pop-happy steez. All this he manages to do with spare-ass tiny fragmented samples looping over and over again and it never sounds boring. It's a really easy formula to F up, but he pulls it off in spades.

The Field - Paw in My Face
The Field - The Little Heart Beats So Fast
The Field - Over the Ice

I'm leaving right this second for Baltimore to go to Whamcity's Whartscape festival. OMG!!! I will update with much audio/visual goodies once I get back.

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