Saturday, July 14, 2007

High Places @ Dead Herring 3/13/07

Went to a banger of a show at Dead Herring House on Friday. Really nice venue, very welcoming & friendly. About half as many people there than for Big A little a last month but still a decent amount. The line-up was as follows:

Video Hippos - Kool Shades
stylistically speaking:
Japanther + Dan Deacon + Paper Rad = Video Hippos.
Sooo gooooooood.

Surprise act of the night. These guys were so G. Thumping azz beats and noisey synth licks. Ethan Swans rhythmic body jerking and Brendan Fowler's controlled lanky moves made it all the more intriguing.

Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda - Animal Ghosts
Abe Vigoda - Secret City
These inland empire natives elicited the most enthusiastic crowd response, or maybe it was cuz their music was the most rock-out-able. Either way they managed to get everybody siked on some up-tempo rawk while still managing to sound really creative and unique. It was also their first (definitely not last) time in the city.

What can I say about High Places other than that you have to go fucking see them right now. Watch out animal collective. High Places has their own brand of groovy squishy organic textured sound on lock. And its danceable. AND the girl is damn beautiful.

After the show it was off to the Silent Barn for a late night sweaty dance party hosted by my pals theserockspop. Great job guys! That shit was bumpn! Here are some pics:


jellobomb said...

you have a way with words logan, i must say.

rrrojer said...

makes me wish a little i was spending the summer on the east coast