Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paper Rad @ MoMA

On Tuesday I went to the MoMA to check out Poprally's Summer Jam with Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel. P Rad's whole neo-psychedelic pop-nostalgic deal didn't feel too out of place in a space like the MoMA. What was kind of weird was seeing bands play there with kids flipping out and going crazy on the ground while simultaneously having chi-chi gallery types standing around on the second floor gazing upon the entire thing like it was performance aart. Despite this and some not-so-good acoustics it was still a fun time. Extreme Animals was amazing. It's was also cool to see the superstar creative-technologist Cory Arcangel in action doing his thing. (Yeah TIMARA heads! Whooot!!)

Dr Doo
Dr Doo performing, but not @ MoMA:

kids whil'n out during Extreme Animals:

Thanks to Melyssa and Sen in the City for the sweet pics

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