Monday, July 16, 2007

Citysol, Pete & Pete

So I went and checked out Citysol on Saturday. It's this solar-powered music and arts festival all about green power and clean energy put on by solar one. I was pumped for the solar-powered go-karts but apparently that was the next day. Les Savvy Fav put on a crowd pleaser of a performance. Was never super into them but I did enjoy their live antics.

While we were standing around who did we happen to see there but Danny Tamberelli, aka little pete. Him and his friend came up to us and introduced themselves I guess to tell us about this shitty jam band he's in. Also that they're playing on a boat, for $25, which at first seemed stife, but then I remembered, it's friggin Danny T! sike nah.

Anyway, the only reason I'm bringing any of this up is because it inspired me to give a little internet nod of respect to one of my favorite tv shows ever, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I feel like most people agree with me on this one so all I'll say is damn what an awesome show that was. Thank you Pete and Pete for helping me develop an appreciation for absurd nuanced humor at such a young age. (shot in my town, btw).

nice 'stooge' reference:

Full Episode Here

For the real nerds I uploaded this Polaris cd I got from my neighbor a while ago (they're the band in the opening credits). I starred all the tracks they released on their cereal box cassette back in the day. (I know because I have it). These are pretty good for some instant childhood reminiscing. Oh and check out the collage of found recordings with references to smoking pot at the end of the last track. I always knew those pete & pete heads were up on some chronic.

*Polaris - Hey Sandy
*Polaris - Staggering
Polaris - Waiting For October
*Polaris - Saturnine
Polaris - Everywhere
Polaris - Ivy Boy
*Polaris - Summerbaby
*Polaris - Coronado II
Polaris - Ashamed of the Story I Told
Polaris - As Usual
Polaris - Recently
Polaris - The Monster's Loose

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Hunto said...

Haha baby P is a fellow hampshire alum.